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How does your team do code review?

Approving pull requests should be easy, and structured.

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Approve pull request by comment

How can PullApprove help you?

Proper code review benefits everyone on the project.

Deploy quality code

As a lead on your team, you truly appreciate a piece of well written code. It solves problems instead of creating them. If you're not doing regular code review, you should be. 5 minutes of your time could prevent countless hours of headache and frustration for your clients, your users, and your developers.

  • Share your knowledge

    You know what mistakes look like, probably because you've made the same ones before. Teach your team what you know, and likely learn something too.

  • Keep up the quality

    Don't let the codebase deteriorate. By reviewing code before it gets merged into master, you can make sure that everything is well written, structured, and documented. You'll be doing everyone a favor in the long run.

  • Catch problems before they hit production

    It's much better to catch mistakes before they go into production than after. Would you rather have a quick internal discussion, or get floods of angry emails from your users?

Get feedback, get better

Code review is a proven way to become a better developer. Discuss solutions with your team, get feedback, and build the best product possible.

  • Benefit from the experience of others

    Whatever you're doing, it's been done before. Probably even by your own team. Someone else has already learned it the "hard" way. Take advantage of their experience and arrive at better solutions, faster.

  • Have confidence in your code

    An extra set of eyes can only help. Trust us, you'll feel better pushing code knowing someone else has reviewed it.

  • Find the best solution

    Two heads are better than one. Often times the best solution is arrived at when working as a team to come up with every possibility, then narrowing them down to decide which direction to go.

Give your users the best experience possible

Quality code means a quality product. And in the end, that's what you're really building. Users have come to expect perfection -- the tiniest error, lag, or typo can completely ruin their experience. Take the time to catch issues before they get the chance.

  • Less bugs, happier users

    When bugs get caught in the review process, it means less frustrated users.

  • Avoid repeat mistakes

    Remember 2 months ago when someone misspelled your client's name? Writing test for content is tough, but putting an extra set of eyes on it is easy.

  • Present the best product possible

    Users are extremely discerning these days, deciding in seconds whether or not they want to use your product. Code review can mean a smoother experience, better design, and perfectly written content.


Your team already has an internal review process,

PullApprove will formalize it.

  • improving code quality through peer-review
  • enforcing style guidelines
  • catching mistakes before the client does
  • security checks by real people

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