PullApprove is a product of Dropseed

Approve with a comment

Just start a comment with "Approved" (or a custom regular expression) to sign-off without ever leaving GitHub.

Approve pull request by comment



Pending approval

Or via pullapprove.com

Easily review pending pull requests across your organization, from one place

PullApprove example YAML configuration file

Custom requirements? Custom rules.

PullApprove can be configured by a .pullapprove.yml YAML file in the root of your repo. With it, decide exactly what "approval" means to your team.

  • require approval from 1 frontend dev, 1 backend dev, 1 admin
  • require approval from 2 data scientists and 2 data engineers
  • reset approval when new commits are pushed
  • decide if the author can approve their own PR
  • use custom triggers like "LGTM" in your comments
  • ...as simple or as complex as you need
Read the docs for all available settings

PullApprove + protected branches = quality code

By combining PullApprove with GitHub protected branches, make sure that nothing gets merged without the "ok".

GitHub protected branches

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